A Nordic Winter Journey

Main Components of this journey:

■ Winter learning ■ Communal wilderness experience ■ Fire-making skills ■ Open fire cooking  ■ Working with axe and knife  ■ Nature Orientation ■ Outdoor bushcraft ■ Reading animal tracks/signs ■ Ski/Snowshoe exploration  ■ Stories of the land


February 2020, Sweden – Facilitated by Inte Koster and Manuel Sturm (Wilderness Vision).

Winter is here and we are heading out! Join us from Feb 23 to Feb 28 for a journey into the raw and enigmatic world of Swedish winter on this Nordic Winter Journey.

This journey takes us to the wilderness-frontier of Northern Europe where we will embrace the cusp of winter’s end and springs arrival as the very first signs of ‘spring-winter’ start to show. At this time of the year, the seemingly endless darkness just noticeably begins to make way for the returning light, and the first signs of life start to appear in the tiniest places.

Two small and basic huts will give us shelter and warmth throughout this five day journey. From these huts we will venture out on ski’s/snowshoes to connect and discover. We will naturally learn basic self-sufficiency skills along the way.

Journey Difficulty – This is an entry-level journey, which allows us a lot of flexibility to adjust the activity intensity to the abilities of individuals. We will assume that participants have little to no experience with winter-journeying and the cold of the north, and will build up skills to move and live outdoors in the winter landscape step-by step.

Physical shape and gear: Participants are expected to have a relatively good physical shape (including mental stability) and no major injuries that would prevent them from hikes on skies/snowshoes. Participants should be able to carry a backpack with some equipment and food on the day trips, and are required to bring their own gear. We will provide extended instructions, tips and packing list, as well as assistance with rental of gear if needed.

Safety and terrain – Because there are no high mountains and steep-slopes, avalanches are no concern. The location is remote, however, the nearest village is ‘only’ about 30-50km away. For worst-case scenarios we will take an emergency locator beacon with us that works with satellites. Every participant must have a valid personal travel insurance.

Through direct experience we will be discovering and meeting the winter world around us, and allow this to inspire the creative inner-work throughout the journey.

Will you join us? Send us an email to homeboundjourneys@gmail.com or  manu.sturm@gmail.com and sign up!




This journey is for anyone 18 years and older, who is longing for deep experience and a strengthened confidence in outdoor living. It is for anyone who is eager to meet the joy, magic beauty, challenge and teachings of the Swedish “springwinter”. It is for you who longs for a ‘cozy simplicity’.


Nysätersvallen, Northern Dalarna, Sweden

We will figuring out the best means of transport together as becomes clear who is coming.

Public transport runs to Särna and rideshare might be possible. More information will be send out after you’ve signed up. If you have any questions, get in touch with us via homeboundjourneys@gmail.com or manu.sturm@gmail.com.

The Cabins: 

The log cabin is well equipped, but offers very little privacy. Water is fedged from the stream and/or snow, the (compost) toilet is outside.


23-28th of February 2020.

Arrival and departure time TBA.


€475,- – Our recommended contribution*                                                                                                                                          This covers the basic costs of the journey for you and the organizers, the organizers’ travel costs, plus a contribution to the organizers for the enabling of the journey.

€460,- – €,- 520– Our sliding scale – option*                                                                                                                               We welcome you here to find the amount of contribution that suits you anywhere within this range – where the minimum covers just the basic costs and the maximum allows for a small income for the organizers and their work in preparation as well as during the journey.

*Note: Having access to the outdoors is fundamentally important to us and we therefore hope that money is not the obstacle that keeps you from taking part in the journey.  For this reason, we offer a sliding scale price option for Midwinter Walking Stories with our recommended contribution. We trust you will make the choice that is right for you, your financial situation and your support of the work we are doing.

Ski rental (ski’s, skiboot, poles, skins, shipping)         €145,-
Snow shoes                                                        €60,-                                                                                                                              Boot rental                                                         €75,-

Sign up? Questions? Write us an email to homeboundjourneys@gmail.com or  manu.sturm@gmail.com. We look forward to hear from you!