Homebound was founded in 2014 and since then has become a platform that supports creative and inspiring facilitators to collaborate and together create unique, empowering experiences for varying groups of focus. Meet our team:

Inte Koster, Co-founder     
I was raised with the privilege of abundant time on nomadic journeys in the outdoors. From extensive canoeing, walking and bicycle journeys in the Scandinavian North to many places around the Europian continent – seeking the natural wilderness and exposure to the elements. …Read more
                 Christianne Sinoo, Co-founder              My passion lies in creating spaces for people to drop into experiencing that which needs attention, holding and safety. With curiosity, joy and trust I seek to step into truthful and vulnerable relations with people and the natural world. In my work I invite people to listen, to be gentle and playful, and to work on allowing ourselves to be moved and feel alive! …Read more
                 Silas Beardslee, Facilitator                     “Man of the Forest” in Latin.  Born into love on the day that remembers to us the strength of our mothers.  You will know me by jokes.  Often confusing and followed by silence, which is sometimes followed by laughter. As my heart beats within my chest, it feels the world, sensing into spaces where human trials play and …Read more












           Matisse van Damme, Facilitator                   I have a passion for people and feel most alive when I can stand in and build relationship with others. Since finishing high school I have taken the question “what does it mean to be myself?” as a leading investigation.  “How can I be true to myself and how does that manifest itself?” were questions I was holding. Upon my search for answers …Read more