Inte Koster

Inte Koster, co-founder                                                                                                                                                                                  I was raised with the privilege of abundant time on nomadic journeys in the outdoors. From extensive canoeing and walking journeys in the Scandinavian North to journeys by foot, bike and canoe in Southern Europe, seeking the natural wilderness and exposure to the elements is what I learned early on in life and what I experienced to be the most authentic, non-judgemental and connecting place I could find.

With this as my foundation, I have continued to follow learning experiences that support what has become a guiding principle and constant research; learning of humanity’s ancient relationship with nature, life and how we can live responsibly and regeneratively in our time.

Supporting connection to the natural rhythm and wild within and surrounding us is what inspires me, and to do so on all levels of our human experience; socially, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Some of the experiences and relations that have supported the development of my skill-set as a guide and facilitator are ‘FHL’ (Traditional outdoor-life, Crafts and Leadership) at Sjöviks Fölkhögskola (Sweden), Studies at ‘the International Youth Initiative Program’ (YIP, Sweden), Coyote-mentoring training with the Wilderness Awareness School (Kauai, Hawaii), apprenticing with Sami elder Laila Spik, Guiding work at Saltoluokta Fjällstation (Sweden), ‘Human Bushcraft and Wild Living’ (New Zealand), Bachelor’s Degree in Community, Adventure and Outdoor Education (HUMAK, Finland), continuous collaboration with Christianne Sinoo and Homebound Journeys as well as many other inspiring individuals and traditions around the world.