Inte Koster

Inte Koster, co-founder     
Equipped with a deep fascination and love for the truth in all being, Inte found nature as her greatest mentor early on in life. She grew up journeying through the wilder parts of countries by foot, canoe and bicycle, spending the majority of her time outside. With the years she came to realise that she’d been given something that is a great privilege in our time of existence; access to connection with the natural world through experience, knowledge, skills and the safety of supportive guidance, and hereby the opportunity to build relationship to the nature of her surroundings as well as the inner being. Inte is driven by the commitment to pass on this gift that she was given, as she believes that the solution to many of today’s challenges lies in finding again a deeper connection between our modern societies and the natural world from which all is born -the wildness that lives in all.
Inte was born in Holland but knows her base in Sweden since 2007. Though learning-experiences are uncountable, some of the courses that have taken Inte’s work as outdoor guide into an acceleration are: ‘Traditional outdoor-life, Crafts and Leadership’ at Sjöviks Fölkhögskola (Sweden) alongside living in a tipi for the year, having outdoor living skills being everyday practice. Studies at ‘the International Youth Initiative Program’ (YIP, Sweden). Coyote-mentoring training with the Wilderness Awareness School (Kauai, Hawaii) and living in the northern part of Sweden whilst learning from the Sami – the native people of the north.