Vallningsfärd/A Shepherds Journey
oin us on a 3-day herding journey where we walk out to the mountain pastures at the valleys end together with the sheep. Whilst the flock grazes the nutritious pastures, we cook over the fire, go out on straws, venture up the mountain, craft, learn bushcraft skills, and explore herding life through experience, exploration and stories. A communal journey for young & older!
5 – 7 July 2024, Ottsjö, Jämtland, Sweden


Knifemaking Workshop – Out on the Land
4-day knifemaking immersion in the southern fells of Åre, Jämtland. Join us out on the land where we will gather and make home in our base-camp to dive into the art of crafting, working with natural materials, and create our own knife and sheath. Exploration and venturing out into the surrounding fell-terrain is right there waiting for you whenever you like.

4 – 7 August 2024, Edsåsdalen, Jämtland, Sweden


Generational Navigation – A Walking Journey
Join us to explore our cross-generational connections as we delve into inquiry on the unique qualities our varying life phases offer in relation to ourselves, others, and Earth. A walking journey into the vast-stretching fells, combining skill-based learning with reflective inquiry, where the ancient, rolling mountains of mid-Sweden guide our way.
10 – 17 August 2024, Edsåsdalen/Vallbo, Jämtland, Sweden


Way of the Water – A Canoe Journey
Join us for an early autumn canoe journey on the waterways of Jämtland. The canoe will carry us as we make our way using traditional/bushcraft skills whilst living outdoors, moving through and with nature. The experiential, exploratory nature of the journey allows us to explore the ways and wisdom of water, both within and without, individually and together.
15 – 21 September 2024, Undersåker, Jämtland, Sweden


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