Travelling by canoe gives us a change of perspective. Solid earth is replaced by moving waters, wind and current turn from unnoticed game-players into direct team-mates, accessibility is no longer bound to paths.

As we enter the canoe and take course onto the waters, her sensitive nature becomes our guide. We get the chance to meet our surroundings as well as ourselves with the comfort of being carried by the great strength of rivers, streams and lakes. Yet, simultaneously we are compelled to stay deeply attentive to all of our surrounding nature as we are directly affected by her changes; the movement of the water, changes in wind, shifting of weather. This experience of our interdependence teaches us the direct impact of the awareness, attention and observation that we put into our existence.


Walking slows us down. One step after the other, our surrounding has the chance to meet us. It enables us to find our own rhythm, stepping out of the mind and into the body. With every step our mind quiets down, lets go of preconceived ideas, fixed goals and expectations. The awareness of our own bodies and the surroundings they are moving through is heightened and the ticking clock gets exchanged with the elements that are at hand. A feeling of eternity falls over us, where there is no rush, but attention, in our thoughts, hearts, moving bodies and senses.



In collaboration with the founders and creators of the Rambler Walking Wagon we organize journeys that represent the intention out of which the wagon was designed – to enable young families to go rambling, to be outside and connect with the richness of our outdoor surroundings.  The wagon supports both parents and children to enjoy the experience of all various kinds of hikes at their own level.

On the Rambler family hikes we create a playful learning space for young and old. The intergenerational exchange teaches us that we are all mentors for one another. We learn how to look after each other in an outdoor setting, support one another and with it strengthen our bonds as we surprise each other outside of our habitual context.

Along the way and in our daily rhythm outdoors, we offer skills that enable an experience of traditional outdoor living. We learn about fire, fire-cooking, shelter, navigation, deep nature connection, tracking and much more.