Team Building Winter Trip

¨We drop ourselves into the wild. Now we play by the rules of the land. We are small, we obey, we learn to fespect. We are not here to seek risks or thrills – we are here for intimate connection with that which is raw nature, meeting through her what is wild and native in us, and learning the regenerative ways of being human on this earth¨.

Growing new alliences to strengthen our team means meeting each other in the raw experience of practice, and managing to work together even at the edges of our capacities and limitations.

In preparation for our upcoming ‘Nordic Winter Journey’ we ventured out on a 3 day winter immersion – exposing ourselves to the northern winter winds, the vast white landscapes and a constant conversation between the elements, our bodies and our beings.

Manuel Sturm & Inte Koster








P.s. We have a few newly opened spots for our upcoming Winter Journey- check out the details at