Our workshops are designed in collaboration with you. Depending on the context, the group and the question, we design an accordingly appropriate workshop. This can be from a three hour to a three day session, depending on your needs. Workshops are held outside so that we can work with the elements in our present surrounding. This can be anywhere from a city park to a mountain top. Both are great environments to awaken our awareness of our surroundings and our relation to them. No matter where we are or what the exact content of the workshop is, the following aspects will be our guidelines:

  • Awakening our senses to the natural world
  • Creating a space of questioning and curiosity
  • Getting to know our edges and diverse levels of comfort
  • Integrating our individual and group questions/themes


Knife Making Workshop With Inte


The range of our workshops vary from practical skill-based learning to learning from the teachings of the wild through exploratory exercises. From woodwork to wildlife-awareness, from the art of tending fire to fireside council. In all widely-ranging focusses we find our relation to our humanness through the elements at hand.

We believe that a real understanding and therefore healthy interactions are possible when we truly meet and build relationship. This is applicable to your friends, family and wider human community as well as to all the other living beings and materials we encounter. 

Are you interested in creating a workshop with us, or are you having questions? Get in touch: