What We Offer

Homebound offers various journeys, independently or in collaboration with high schools, study programs or any other existing groups. Next to our journeys we offer workshops, at for example conferences, schools and businesses. Our passion lies in creating empowering experiences where we:


Build Relationship

We invite people into experiences that deepen our connection to the earth, our inner beings and each other. We do this by offering safe immersions into wild spaces, that we find in various places and contexts.



Cultivate Skills

We offer access to ancient skills that bring forth an ability to safely find our way into outdoor-living and empower us to step into a confidently humble relationship with nature.



Learn From the Wild 

The non-judgmental environment that nature offers, allows for the group’s wisdom and unique qualities to emerge. We invite you into community as well as solo learning spaces where our deepest questions can arise and be shared. Our main teacher is the land.



Bridge our Realities

When stepping back into the widely ranging routines of our lives, we carry the embodiment of the experience with us. To carry our experience onward we invite exchange of stories and offer exercises to remind ourselves and one another of the teachings that our experience has brought us.



We love to collaborate, so please reach out if you have any questions, ideas or wild inspirations!