Canoeing on the Swedish Waters

Two weeks ago another Homebound journey beautifully ended with big smiles, sun soaked faces and heartfelt gratitude for the depth of experience that grew in the small community of canoers during our 10-day journey on the water.

Time filled with talking technique and strokes – reading wind, water and current – finding our ways to work with one another and the elements as we were carried by the Canoe – practice skills to make camp and edibles every day – joining into exercises, conversations and sharing to guide us deeper into our questions – a profound exploration of the feminine and the masculine – song, swimming and laughter.

Again, we got to witness the beautiful merging of worlds and experiences as the physical journey with its practical tasks triggered themes, patterns and stories for each. The non-judgmental holding of the natural world allowed us to safely unravel those, peek into where they may and may not serve us anymore in our lives – and what is needed for transformation to take flight.

We give thanks to Sjöviks folkhögskolaBosse Weslien, Tobias Lundgren and all that has made this journey possible, in celebration of the work, the findings, the beauty, the bonding, the challenge and the blessing of our time together!

With love,
The Homebound-Team
Christianne, Inte, Matisse, Silas