A Winter Journey

¨… And since that is so,
why not see the dark side of the moon
right through its shining face?
see my edges as yours
sing them
dance them until the beat and the dancers
are you
until each and every step you take
is the rejoicing of your living prayer
and celebration is equal to breathing …¨

Relatively acclimatized and settled back into our different places, here we are – on the other end of a wintery journey!

For Homebound’s first trial-run of a Swedish winter ski journey, we ended up four familiar humans in a cabin in northwest Dalarna covered by hip-deep snow. The days were marked with ski adventures exploring the beautiful white and green landscapes, melting snow on a wood stove for drinking water, conversations by candlelight, a map-and-compass ski adventure under a full-moonlit night sky, writing exercises, building shelter from snow and spruce branches and sleeping out overnight, sharing inspiration, questions, confrontation, play, laughter and connecting to the transition of the seasons and our lives.

Being such a small group, finding the balance between structure and spontaneity was slightly unfamiliar.                 This, however, also allowed us to (re-)connect with the beauty and challenges that come with meeting the outdoors in wintertime, and kindled our inspiration for future Homebound winter journeys with excitement and passion.

Will we see you there next year?!


Thanks again to Sjöviks folkhögskola for supporting our journey by allowing us to stay in these beautiful cabins.