Christianne Sinoo

Christianne Sinoo, co-founder

My passion lies in creating spaces for people to drop into experiencing that which needs attention, holding and safety. With curiosity, joy and trust I seek to step into truthful and vulnerable relations with people and the natural world. In my work I invite people to listen, to be gentle and playful, and to work on allowing ourselves to be moved and feel alive!
The natural world has been a big inspiration and support to step into my authenticity, to work on my will forces and to step into service. But most of all it supports me in an understanding of an interconnected living world, where we humans have to take responsibility, and have a unique role to play. Building a strong relationship to it and learning how to feel safe in it, is therefore a big part of my work.
The communities that have supported the development of my skill-set as a mentor, facilitator and organizer are, the Internatioal Youth Initiative Program, my studies in Social Work, The Sacred Door Trail, my wolf pack at Call of the Wild and my strong collaboration with Inte Koster and all the other people that have been involved in Homebound. 

Originally from the Netherlands, now based on stunning Orcas Island, in the Pacific North-West, U.S.A., together with my husband Silas Beardslee.