Christianne Sinoo

Christianne Sinoo, co-founder

As a curious observer that seeks to understand what lies beyond the obvious, Christianne meets the world, humbled by its rich diversity. Although she has some places that anchor her where she calls home, she ventures out of these spaces in order to grow and develop a wider understanding of this interconnected world. Both urban and rural places in different parts of the world have contributed to the shaping of her being. Her rural adventures were formative and instilled a comfort in nature that she has come to consciously develop and expand. The city is a place of human diversity and expression that inspires, confronts and stimulates her in creating the work she offers today. Throughout diverse learning experiences she has slowly expanded her relationships and the responsibility this entails. From human, to food, to earth, to animal, to plant, to air, to water and so on. This idea of interconnectedness shifted from a theory into an embodied understanding whilst walking the Sacred Door Trail, a 165 miles interfaith pilgrimage trail in the wilderness of Montana, USA. Here she researched how the Outdoors can be an environment that can support transformation on a personal, community and societal level. She invited eight people to journey along. This was her final project for the study Cultural and Societal Formation she did at Amsterdam’s University of Applied Science. After graduating she worked at The Youth Initiative Program and developed her skills as a facilitator, mentor and organizer. In meeting Inte a dream got woken up once again to work in, with and from the outdoors. Whilst working she deepened her nature guidance work in an eight month training at Schumacher College, Call Of The Wild 2016.