Matisse van Damme

Matisse van Damme, facilitator 

Matisse has a passion for people and feels the most alive when he can stand in and build relationship with others. Since finishing high school he has taken the question “what does it mean to be myself?” as a leading investigation. “How can I be true to myself and how does that manifest itself?” Were questions he was holding. Upon his search for answers he set out on many journey’s, trainings and experiences, of which one of the more important one’s is the encounter with shamanism and mostly native American ceremony. In these ceremonies, nature has been at the forefront of his experience, and a steppingstone into himself. After finishing his studies at the Youth Initiative Program and the continuation of that experience in the form of self-directed studies, he came to realise that he was not only holding these questions for himself, but that he wanted to support others in these questions as well. He began to look for ways to develop those capacities. In this search he joined the Sacred Door Trail where they explored what being in the outdoors can mean for personal transformation and growth. This experience inspired him to continue and to acquire the skills to shape experiences, like being in the outdoors, that lead to personal transformation and day-to-day life change. For this he started studying experiential psychotherapy in the form of Dramatherapy at het Zuyd University. After three years of studying he is looking forward to letting these dreams come together and feels humbled to make this journey together with you.