Silas Beardslee

Silas Beardslee, facilitator 

This is Silas.  Which literally translates to, “Man of the Forest” in Latin.  Pretty sweet, right?  Born into love in 1988 on the day that remembers to us the strength of our mothers – also known as Mother’s Day.  You will know him by attempted jokes.  Often confusing and followed by silence, which is sometimes followed by laughter. As his heart beats within his chest, it feels the world, sensing into spaces where human trials play and muse and falter and sing and worry and celebrate and question.  He is stubborn.  He holds strong to his beliefs yet stays open to experiences and his experiences lead him toward ever-changing, ever-progressing beliefs.  He is completely in love with and confused by humanity in equal parts and finds solace in knowing he is an animal, born out of mud and roots and stars.  Silas is here to support and take part in the Great Becoming, to sit by fires and witness the magic within and without the flames.  “I am future in my strivings.  I am past in my bones and I am present in my hands.”