Team Building Winter Trip

¨We drop ourselves into the wild. Now we play by the rules of the land. We are small, we obey, we learn to fespect. We are not here to seek risks or thrills – we are here for intimate connection with that which is raw nature, meeting through her what is wild and native in us, and learning the regenerative ways of being human on this earth¨.

Growing new alliences to strengthen our team means meeting each other in the raw experience of practice, and managing to work together even at the edges of our capacities and limitations.

In preparation for our upcoming ‘Nordic Winter Journey’ we ventured out on a 3 day winter immersion – exposing ourselves to the northern winter winds, the vast white landscapes and a constant conversation between the elements, our bodies and our beings.

Manuel Sturm & Inte Koster








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Midwinter Walking Stories

Another journey has taken us, this time through the hills, fields, woods and valleys of Wallonia, Belgium, and the darkest days of the year – glimpse Midwinter Walking stories 2019.




¨ When I walk I feel the beat,

When I walk I find a flow,
that takes me places I did not yet know.
When I walk I watch the land,
change around me, find my stand,
and find myself,
move through forests, move as elfs
with colored backpacks and a sign,
that perhaps I’m entering the quiet mind.¨
A note from Midwinter Walking stories 2019

Embraced by the darkest days of the year we ventured out into the Wallonian hills and forests, into sunshine and winterrain, into short days and long nights, into the ritual of being human on this Earth.

Hosted by Feros asbl for our first and last night, we enjoyed the warm and cozy homebase to venture out from and return to. For 3 nights and 4 days we emersed ourselves with the land and the elements, enjoyed sunshine and warmth on the first day, got                                                                                                        many chances to befriend the rain throughout the rest of the journey.

Walking was blended with writing exercises to go beyond our controlling mind and allow the quiet voices to come through. Conversation and sharing was blended with silence. Connecting with self was blended with connecting with one another and connecting with the Earth. Welcoming ourselves was interwoven with welcoming each other, and asking the land for guidance with exploring the ways we do, or can, give back to her.

¨… The group, the land, the forest spirits and the fire gave me a feeling of belonging. To be longing. And the darkness was a teacher to me. I think I never experienced the winter solstice so consciously, was never aware how special that time is. Now, I don´t want to miss this chance of profound inwardness ever again. …¨                                                            Participant of Midwinter Walking stories 2019
¨I recieved confidence. Confidence and trust to myself, but also to a group, to the fact that a group of people who may or may not know each other will find its own harmony, balance and every one, it seems, finds his or her place within the group. …¨                             Participant of Midwinter Walking stories 2019

Thanks to the land, all the beings that have cared for this place throughout time, and to Feros asbl for hosting us!

A Winter Journey

¨… And since that is so,
why not see the dark side of the moon
right through its shining face?
see my edges as yours
sing them
dance them until the beat and the dancers
are you
until each and every step you take
is the rejoicing of your living prayer
and celebration is equal to breathing …¨

Relatively acclimatized and settled back into our different places, here we are – on the other end of a wintery journey!

For Homebound’s first trial-run of a Swedish winter ski journey, we ended up four familiar humans in a cabin in northwest Dalarna covered by hip-deep snow. The days were marked with ski adventures exploring the beautiful white and green landscapes, melting snow on a wood stove for drinking water, conversations by candlelight, a map-and-compass ski adventure under a full-moonlit night sky, writing exercises, building shelter from snow and spruce branches and sleeping out overnight, sharing inspiration, questions, confrontation, play, laughter and connecting to the transition of the seasons and our lives.

Being such a small group, finding the balance between structure and spontaneity was slightly unfamiliar.                 This, however, also allowed us to (re-)connect with the beauty and challenges that come with meeting the outdoors in wintertime, and kindled our inspiration for future Homebound winter journeys with excitement and passion.

Will we see you there next year?!


Thanks again to Sjöviks folkhögskola for supporting our journey by allowing us to stay in these beautiful cabins.

Walking Stories

“Dreaming the river alive.
Heart finds home, sleeping with stars.
Sun swaps moon for day.”
-Tom Shaefer (participant)

From the 26th of June to the 3rd of July, 2018, we journeyed through the breathtaking landscapes of the Ariége, situated in the French Pyrenees.  For one week we walked, using the powerful medium of writing for nourishment and reflection along the way.  To begin, we gathered together in a beautiful mountain home, coming from all different parts of Europe. We packed all we needed for the journey in our rucksacks and then walked away from the doorstep, toward the mountains, higher and higher and eventually to snow ladened peaks.

We opened up immense questions about love, courage, listening, speaking truth, being seen, carrying our past and the places where we can find support while in service. We explored these topics, and many more, on our own while walking, and together through conversation and writing.

A huge amount of gratitude goes out to the participants of this journey and their willingness to be open in such an intimate space. Thank you all.

Below are a two pieces that emerged from a collective writing exercise.

The Givers and Receivers

“May I have the courage today to step out of my own world and to help others to climb the mountain we are facing.
In relation I want to stand.
With you, Human.
With you, Bird.
With you, Wind and Rocky Mountain.
And giving my love, trust, fear and hope,
To spread out the seeds to grow new life and take care of it,
Encouraging you to do the same.
To step into the cycle of give and receive, see and be seen, love and be loved.
Encouraging you to glide like an eagle, to stand tall and knowing like a mountain, to reflect all light, like the moon.
This is our time.
We – the givers and receivers – the ebb and flow of life itself.
Eternity is melted into each and every breath and step.
Breath and step.
Breath and step.
I say YES to this life.
With grace I walk, even though I don’t know where the path leads me.
I walk in trust.
I lean onto something bigger, higher, that is a part of me.”

Life Giving Grief

“May I have the courage today to be the mole of grief in my belly, crawling up my throat, out of my mouth and into the light.
May I build a mole heap like an alter for my grief and have it warmed in the sun until it melts, slowly, into the icy stream, flowing down the mountain – giving life.
And feeling weight has lifted, I dance inside my morning,
A dawn to awaken in me, all that can flow from me.
The healing water whispers, the rocks patient and the birds soaring high, bowing to the courage of my soul.
May nature welcome us and protect us.
May it shake our bones and bring fire to our hearts.
It will make you feel strong to follow your dreams and stand in your center, without compromise.”


Outdoor Experience YIP10

From the 29th of May to the 4th of June we spent time with the participants of The International Youth Initiative Program (YIP).  Together, we paddled canoes for one week through drinkable waterways in southern Sweden.

Below is a reflection on this week from YIP Participant Livia Strub.

“My paddle’s clean and bright, flashing with silver. Follow the wild goose flight, dip, dip and swing. Dip, dip and swing… ” As we learn this song on the first morning, it becomes evident that just because we’re outdoors doesn’t mean the singing will stop. Rather the contrary, as our three wonderful YIP alumni contributors, Christianne, Silas and Inte woke us up each morning with beautiful trios, each day singing a new song in a different language.

The mornings always started off by the assigned group cooking everyone porridge, which we would happily eat around the fire with coconut cream, cinnamon and jam. Next we would prepare for the day ahead, which usually meant that we packed up our tents and cleaned the campsite, trying to leave it in a better state than what we had found it in. On some mornings before heading off, we would do something like a sitting spot, sharing circle, game or activity, to set this outdoor experience apart from a camping trip.

As we had no time keeping devices with us, and the sun rose at 3.40am, we didn’t really know if it was late or still early when we left the campsite and set off on our canoes. We would spend the better part of the day on the water, making our way forward with the aid of our paddles, often stopping for lunch on a beautiful island when the sun was at its highest and hottest.

The paddling was a different means of transport than has been usual for us during YIP so far. And the experience very different too. So much time spent on the water, easily carrying all of our gear and food, seemingly slicing through the water on the beautifully shaped canoes, sometimes meandering through little streams in between reeds, or passing through a tunnel so small we had to lie down in the canoe and use our hands to take us through it. Big, crystal clear water, so clean we could fill our empty bottles and drink straight from the lakes, paddling with the typical Scandinavian silver birch and pine tree always within eyesight, passing by idyllic looking islands, and of course let’s not forget our five land crossing, portages, where we would put the canoes on wheels to get them to the next body of water. Paddling while singing, while talking, or while listening to nature’s song around us and enjoying each other’s company.

After the long day on the water, we would arrive to our campsite for the night. This is when everyone got busy with their tasks; preparing dinner, collecting and chopping wood, and setting up the fire and benches for the main camp area. This was always a time when although tired, hungry and often exhausted, everyone would get to work for the last part of the day, be together and set up our home for that night. Exploring the close by area, picking a camping sport and never having to worry about being caught in the dark, since the sun only set at 11.30pm! This felt very special to me, knowing that even after dinner and maybe even a night activity, I could take a canoe out and either paddle into the sunset, or be on the lookout for animals that came out at night, like the beaver.

This week was an absolute highlight of my time at YIP, it strengthened my passion for the outdoors, and I discovered that although being in the water is not my place, being on the water definitely is, and free climbing on the cliffs by the lake made me feel so extremely alive. To top off my experience in the outdoors, I just today received the good news that I got accepted to work in a youth outdoor education camp after I finish YIP! The circle always continues…. Thanks for this week, it is one I will always treasure.

12th Grade Class Trip

As the dust settles and our towels dry, we look back on our week spent paddling the Swedish lakes with awe and gratitude.  Both in equal parts for the earth and water that have so gracefully carried us along our way, providing channels for us to move, wood for us to warm our bodies and cook our food and ground on which to rest at the end of each nearly endless day.  And again, both gratitude and awe in equal parts for the 12th grade students from Steinerschool Gent (Belgium) and the teachers that have supported their becoming. Their courage to face the world, their physical and mental strength, their care and consideration of one another and their environment, their humor and spirit and their willingness to paddle into the unknown has been humbling to witness and an inspiration to stand beside.

The first days we spent getting used to our paddles, feeling how the shape of the canoes worked with the water, pushing, pulling and splitting through the calm, glassy lakes.  Each day our understanding of currents, waves and winds deepened. Day by day making camp became a rhythm; gathering wood, striking a fire and preparing the meal, learning which types of wood can be used to create different kinds of fire.

Day three was spent on foot getting perspective over the landscape and witnessing the magic of the Swedish forests.  One example of this presented itself in the form of a full grown female Moose whose curiosity allowed her to linger for a while, sniffing the air and looking back at us as we observed in silence.

On day four the winds arrived creating waves on the lakes that required a different kind of attention and focus.  Not wanting to be caught broadside, we learned to zig-zag with the wind along the shoreline, studying the patterns on the water so as to be prepared for the inevitable gusts that attempted to turn us sideways.  Here we stuck together, looking forward and backward to make sure that all were safe.

Day five brought us wind-whipped and tired through the village of Gnesta where we experienced how it felt to be suddenly surrounded by brick and concrete and glass – an experience so common in our daily lives, and yet so foreign in that moment.  

Our closing happened after the canoes were emptied, cleaned and returned, in a quiet place in the forest next to the brackish fjärd, the mixing of the fresh waters we had paddled to those of the open Baltic Sea.  We spoke to the transition the students were in from the safety and rhythm of school-life to the openness and unknown of what lay beyond, honoring the threshold on which they were standing.






And a thank you as well to Kanotkungen, Järna Bageri, Järna Mejeri and Reko Ekologiska for their support of this journey.

Canoeing on the Swedish Waters

Two weeks ago another Homebound journey beautifully ended with big smiles, sun soaked faces and heartfelt gratitude for the depth of experience that grew in the small community of canoers during our 10-day journey on the water.

Time filled with talking technique and strokes – reading wind, water and current – finding our ways to work with one another and the elements as we were carried by the Canoe – practice skills to make camp and edibles every day – joining into exercises, conversations and sharing to guide us deeper into our questions – a profound exploration of the feminine and the masculine – song, swimming and laughter.

Again, we got to witness the beautiful merging of worlds and experiences as the physical journey with its practical tasks triggered themes, patterns and stories for each. The non-judgmental holding of the natural world allowed us to safely unravel those, peek into where they may and may not serve us anymore in our lives – and what is needed for transformation to take flight.

We give thanks to Sjöviks folkhögskolaBosse Weslien, Tobias Lundgren and all that has made this journey possible, in celebration of the work, the findings, the beauty, the bonding, the challenge and the blessing of our time together!

With love,
The Homebound-Team
Christianne, Inte, Matisse, Silas

Rambler Family Hike

With joy we hereby share the success of our first Homebound journey: The Rambler Family Hike.

For Four days we walked through the greening spring landscapes of eastern Holland, playing with the boundaries between our modern civilisation and the natural world existing within and around her.

The power of fire, the humble holding of the woods, the playfulness of the plants, the curiosity of the animals and the company of one another guided us into the exploration of care, responsibility, play, attention, observation and that burning fire within.

We thank our companions for an awesome stroll and a greatly joyful take-off for Homebound!

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With loads of joy we welcome you to our new website which serves as a gateway to transform ideas and dreams into real experiences. Over the last months much work has gone into preparation and creation of journeys and this platform. We’re excited to share it with you and are looking forward to all the meetings that lay waiting in the future!

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