Coming up: Spring Equinox Winter Experience, March 17-23

■ Winter outdoor-learning ■ Communal outdoor experience ■ Bushcraft and fire-making skills ■ Shelter building ■ Nature orientation ■ Ski/Snowshoe exploration ■ Stories of the land ■ Exploring transformation within and around

 17 – 23 March 2024, Jämtland, Sweden

Spring-winter is around the corner and we are heading out! Join us from March 17 to 23 for a journey into the light-filled and awakening world of Swedish spring-winter on this Spring Equinox Winter Experience.

This journey takes us to the wilderness-frontier of Southern Norrland where we will embrace the Spring Equinox and one of the 8 of the nordic seasons called ‘spring-winter’ as it is in full swing. At this time of the year, while the land is still covered in snow, the abundance of darkness has made way for the ever-growing light, and the world of life is starting to buzz all around. It is a time that truly brings forth the change that lays the base for the transformation of this year’s cycle. This transformation of the awakening life around and within us will be the theme that guides us on this experience.

We will be based in basic huts throughout the journey, with the option of overnights in natural shelter that we will build. We will venture out on ski’s/snowshoes to learn, connect and discover through skills, story, exploring, listening, sharing, and being. The land, elements, circumstances, and experience will naturally guide our learning of winter outdoor-living skills along the way.

Through direct experience and skills practice this journey welcomes you into the learning of winter skills in bushcraft, outdoor living, wilderness experience, and nature connection.


Where: Södra Årefjällen, Jämtland, Sweden.
Travel information TBA.

When17 – 23 of March 2024.  Arrival and departure time TBA.

Who: This journey is for all ages above 18* read more...

 who are longing for direct experience and a strengthened relationship to outdoor living in wintry-circumstances and the integration of nature connection in their lives. It is for anyone who is eager to meet the joy, magic, beauty, challenge and teachings of outdoor living and the Swedish ‘spring-winter’, where the cold asserts us to create warmth within and around us, and the the declining darkness welcomes us to notice the light that is growing within us too. 

* Check in with us about participation possibilities for those under 18. They should be accompanied by a fellow adult.

Language: Our common language will be English. No matter your mother tongue, you are welcome. read more...

The facilitator-team harnesses the languages English, Swedish, and Dutch.
If all group members speak Swedish or Dutch, we can adjust the guiding language accordingly.

Costs: €590,- – €790,-  Our contribution range*

This covers the basic costs of the journey for you and the organizers, the organizers’ travel costs, plus a contribution for the organizers for the enabling of the journey.                  
We welcome you to find the contribution that respects your care, gratitude and support for the sustainability of the work we do to enable this journey, as well as your own financial means.
If your financial means allow you to contribute in the higher range, you directly enable someone else’s participation by allowing us to offer a discounted spot on the journey. Thank You!

*Having access to the outdoors is fundamentally important to us and we therefore wish that money is not the constraint that keeps you from partaking in the journey.  For this reason, we offer a few discounted places. As these places are limited, please get in touch in case you’d like to request a discounted spot.