Coming up: Knifemaking Workshop – Out on the Land, August 4-7

■ Knifemaking ■ Nature connection through material study ■ Handicraft skill development ■ Work with wood, antler, bone, bark, leather, and more ■ Outdoor living craft experience ■ Community outdoor living
4 – 7 August 2024, Edsåsdalen, Jämtland, Sweden

Welcome to join us and create your own knife and sheath. From August 4 – 7 we will be gathering to familiarize with a variety of natural materials, learn the process of creating your own knife with your personal choice of natural materials and patterns, try different techniques, and take home your own knife and skills that will accompany you for the rest of your life.

The act of crafting with natural materials tends to be a very connecting and empowering one. To craft such things that can serve many other of your endeavors, journeys, and undertakings allows for an even deeper connection both to the crafting process as well as to the use and the ‘thing’ created and owned.

We will set up camp out on the land. Gathered around the fire, this will be our base for living, cooking, gathering, sleeping, and most of all: crafting. We will be staying in tents and cook over the fire.
From our base-camp there is plenty exploration and adventuring to do, and the crafting process will allow for self- and collectively chosen breaks.



Where: Edsåsdalen, Södra Årefjällen, Jämtland, Sweden.
Travel information TBA.

When4 – 7 of August 2024.  Arrival and departure time TBA.

Who: This workshop is for all ages above 18, as well as anyone between 8-18 accompanied by a fellow adult, read more...

 with a yearning to explore their own creativity whilst developing skills, making a personallized tool for further outdoor experiencing, and keen to do all this while living outdoors in the Swedish fells. 

Language: Our common language will be English, and guidance can be given in Swedish or Dutch too. No matter your mother tongue, you are welcome. read more...

The facilitator-team harnesses the languages English, Swedish, and Dutch.
If all group members speak Swedish or Dutch, we can adjust the guiding language accordingly.

Costs: €320,- – €520,-  Our contribution range*

This covers the basic costs of the workshop for you and the organizers, plus a contribution for the organizers for the enabling of the experience.                  
We welcome you to find the contribution that respects your care, gratitude and support for the sustainability of the work we do to enable this journey, as well as your own financial means.
If your financial means allow you to contribute in the higher range, you directly enable someone else’s participation by allowing us to offer a discounted spot on the journey. Thank You!

*Having access to the outdoors is fundamentally important to us and we therefore wish that money is not the constraint that keeps you from partaking in the journey.  For this reason, we offer a few discounted places. As these places are limited, please get in touch in case you’d like to request a discounted spot. 

Reserve your spot by contacting us at



Experience level and Physical abilities: This workshop doesn’t require any previous experience. Participants must be able to walk to base-camp, 2-5km in moderate terrain.

Gear: Participants must bring their own personal gear as well as a tent or other sleeping equipment. Equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, etc. can be rented and reserved through us for rental cost.
Group equipment such as cooking equipment, crafting tools, and camp equipment for collective use will be catered for.

We will provide extended instructions, tips, and packing list, as well as assistance with gear rental if needed.

Safety:  Every participant is responsible for their own personal travel insurance.

Food: We provide full organic meals catered to all allergies and diets.

A rough workshop-outline:
Day 1: Arrival, settling in, and workshop start.
Day 2: Crafting
Day 3: Crafting
Day 4: Crafting and closing.
* This workshop-outline can still be adjusted.

Will you join us? Send an email to and sign up!