Coming up: Generational Navigation – A Walking Journey, August 10-17

■ Swedish Mountain Experience ■ Nomadic Walking Journey ■ Bush Craft & Traditional skills ■ Fire making ■ Nature Connection and Observation ■ Navigating in the wild ■ Personal & Group Inquiry ■ Creative excercises 


On this journey we engage with cross-generational connection as we explore how our current life phase offers unique qualities in relation to ourselves, others, and Earth. Join us from August 10-17 for a walking journey into the vast-stretching fells where the ancient, rolling mountains of mid-Sweden guide our way.

10 – 17 August 2024, Jämtland, Sweden

  • What does it mean to belong to this Earth today? How am I being called to participate? What qualities is my current stage in life giving me? How do I stand in relation and engage with other generations? What does it mean to truly listen? These are some of the questions we will be working with throughout the journey. 

For 6 days we will roam the southern fells of Åre county in Jämtland, which have been home to Sámi people for thousands of years and today hosts a multifaceted blend of people. On this journey, we will be working with different aspects of life-phases and the enriching potential of generational exchange. Through meeting the ancientness of this land read more...

 – practising outdoor living skills such as varying ways of fire making, navigation and working with natural materials – observing and reading the land and the elements – engaging with local stories – group conversation – creative exercises – and personal exploration – we will explore and learn of our own ancient connection, relationship and responsibility to this Earth, how these can evolve throughout our lives, and how every life phase offers chances to discover both ourselves and the world anew  – so to welcome this as a grounding foundation and support in our lives. 

Will you join us? Send us an email to to sign up!

This journey combines skill-based learning with personal inquiry and, through this, guide you to step into active participation with the ever-interwoven physical outer journey and the often more hidden inner journey of the soul.

Facilitated by Inte Koster, Lief Cuyvers, and Anna Brunain. A cooperation between Homebound Journeys, De Zomereik, and Mannaz.



Where: Södra Årefjällen, Jämtland, Sweden.
Travel information TBA.

When: 10- 17 of August 2024.  Arrival and departure time TBA.

Who: This journey is for all ages above 18 read more...

 who are longing for direct experience and a strengthened relationship to the integration of nature connection in their lives. It is for anyone who is eager to meet the joy, magic beauty, challenge and teachings of outdoor living and the Swedish north.

Language: Our common language will be English. No matter your mother tongue, you are welcome. read more...

The facilitator-team harnesses the languages English, Dutch, Swedish, and a basic French and German. 

Costs: €590,-€790,-  Our contribution range*

This covers the basic costs of the journey for you and the organizers, the organizers’ travel costs, plus a contribution for the organizers for the enabling of the journey.                  
We welcome you to find the contribution that respects your care, gratitude and support for the sustainability of the work we do to enable this journey, as well as your own financial means.
If your financial means allow you to contribute in the higher range, you directly enable someone else’s participation by allowing us to offer a discounted spot on the journey. Thank You!

*Having access to the outdoors is fundamentally important to us and we therefore wish that money is not the constraint that keeps you from partaking in the journey.  For this reason, we offer a few discounted places. As these places are limited, please get in touch in case you’d like to request a discounted spot. 

Reserve your spot by contacting us at



Experience level and Physical abilities: We believe in the power, value and importance of community and the variety of qualities, experience, skills and interests that each individual brings. Therefore this journey welcomes all levels of experience. read more...

Our walking distances will be approx. 10-15km, of which 3-4 days will be with gear.  Each participant must be able to carry their own backpack with gear and dried food through the rolling terrain of the fells. Estimate your backpack to weigh anywhere between 10-16kg.

Gear: Participants must bring their own personal gear, aside from the group gear provided such as cooking equipment. read more...

 We will provide extended instructions, tips, and packing list, as well as assistance with rental of gear if needed.
Tents can/may be shared.

Safety:  Every participant is responsible for their own personal travel insurance.

Food: We provide full organic meals catered to all allergies and diets.

A rough trip-outline:
Day 1: Afternoon/Evening arrival and settling in.
Day 2: TBA
Day 3: TBA
Day 4: TBA
Day 5: TBA
Day 6: Last walking day, return to Vallbo. Optional evening sauna.
Day 7: Final rounding off and closing. Afternoon departure.                                                                                                         * This trip-outline can still be adjusted. 


Through direct experience we will be discovering and meeting the late-summer world around us, and allow this to inspire the creative inner-work throughout the journey.



Sign up? Questions? Write us an email to homeboundjourneys@gmail.comWe look forward to hearing from you!

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